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​My name is Joyce Duijndam, 34 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I have been living in Spain for 5,5 years now.
In 2005 I graduated at the university sport and movement after which I did my bachelor in physical education and besides I studied sport massage. 

After 4 years working as a P.E. teacher and pedagogical assistant in the Netherlands, I wanted to change something in my life.​ I decided to move to New Zealand where I connected for the first time deeply with Yoga. 

I continued traveling and discovering the world and especially the holistic world, which really attracted my attention! In 2017 I started a Hatha yoga teacher training of 200hrs in Mexico at the yoga school: "Comunidad Ohm Shanti", that after the course invited me to help them in their new community and yoga retreat centre close to Barcelona! I didn´t have to think about it for long before I said yes and my new life journey started. I lived at this community for 1 year, where I taught yoga, gave specialised yoga and meditation workshops and massages every day. I loved it and developed myself further and further into this world every day!

After a year I felt I wanted to move to Barcelona and share my newly learned knowledge about yoga and meditation with peoplein this city. A new adventure started again! I fell in love with the city and started my own business as a yoga teacher and massage therapist. Meanwhile, I completed two Thai massage courses in both Greece and in Granollers, Spain: ´You are never too old to learn!´ became my life quote and I love to stay a stay a student for life and to continue learning and growing every day. 

In 2020 I booked a flight to India for another 300hrs yoga teacher training course in Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. Unfortunately, two weeks after arriving in India the world-wide lockdown started and I came back. During the lockdown I did an 50hrs online course in Yin Yoga YTTC. 

I love to share my passion for yoga, massages and I love to help people to create a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. ​I believe the body and mind are connected so if we work on the body we also heal the mind and the other way around. I like to approach the body from a holistic point of view, which for me is a beautiful path to learn about and which will always continue.


- University Sport and movements 
- University Physical education 
- Yoga teacher trainings:
* YTTC 200 hrs Hatha 
* YTTC 50 hrs Yin yoga 
* YTTC 300 hrs vinyasa 

* YTTC 300 hrs all - round style yoga

- Massage diplomas:

* Sport massage 

* Thai massage Greece
* Thai massage Barcelona

* Thai massage India 
* Thai massage Catalunya 
* Ostheopathy meeting point 
* Reiki Course 




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